I Think I Got The Name Right ?

Today is a particular occasional at the PsyAmb blog as it marks the 50th mix in the PsyAmb psychedelic ambient music series. So knowing that I decided to do a particularly long ( over 2 hours ) combine full of psychedelic chillout gems. Before I begin giving you the details of this mix I’d like to thank whatever you listeners, downloaders, sharers, likers and hikers who’ve given great feedback and spread the music in this series worldwide for those to enjoy.

Long should it be so ! Which means this week we kick of with “Aligning Minds” ( Daniel Merrill and Michael Folk ) with the monitor “Satsand Orchard”. Up next is the little known “Trollwood” ( Denis Bogachev ), a single designer from Russia. Denis is well known on the Russian trance circuit where he can please a masses along with his warm and spacious intensifying trance tunes. However he could be yet to crack it internationally but I’ve no doubt he will make it happen soon.

That is one of is own first downtempo focused music and it sure is a beauty. Hope we can listen to more of his chillout tunes in the near future.This originates from the compilation “The Martian Chronicles”. Denis has an 2 track EP as well titled “Tears OF THE Angel” which was released on Trimurti information last year.

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  • 8 years ago from UK

He has presented on some of the best chillout compilation albums of the past few years and has recently began collaborating with Lague and Baba Gnohm on a number of songs.

What I must say i love about Vonoom’s audio is it’s close association with psytrance. You can hear the influence that producing psytrance in his early years has had on his current music which is filled with squelcy and trippy psy synths and gated results along with warm and cool basslines. Another outstanding melody that you can grab as a free download is the monitor “Follow The Shaman” by U.S suppliers “Digital Folk”. Athens, Greece. The track in this blend is named “Jaipur Drive” that was released earlier this past year as part of a 5 monitor EP “Magic Roundabout”.

The EP was touted to be reflective of middle-90’s early chillout noises. Someone who is certainly not able to be put under any label or genre of music is our next designer – the delightfully inventive “Swen (Dzoncy) Stroop”. I believe I acquired the name right ? Swen’s music is wildly psychedelic and unlike anything you are likely to have heard before. If you enjoy your music a little further from the edge then his recording “Forest In Peace” might be precisely what you are interested in.

The K250 merely offered sampled instrument sounds, and in today’s terms it was a lo-fi device built around 10-little bit architecture. However in 1984 the path one technique of documenting a high end piano simply, then assigning it to a key pad, reproduced tonal characteristics no prior digital or electronic piano have been able to catch.