Emma Watson Is Slightly Terrified To Sing In Beauty AS WELL AS THE Beast 1

Emma Watson Is Slightly Terrified To Sing In Beauty AS WELL AS THE Beast

There’s a certain amount of responsibility that comes with remaking a cherished movie and Emma Watson, celebrity of Disney’s upcoming live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, feels it. In an interview with Total Film (via The Telegraph), the actress and inspirational U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador speaks about the anticipated project for the first time. “I sing, so that’s really unforeseen,” Watson says of her role as Disney princess Belle. “I’ve never really had to do that for a film role before, and I think people will be interested to see me take action very different like that.

It gives me a different problem, really. That’s terrifying in and of itself! Watson shall be in good company for the lofty undertaking, though. She co-stars in the Bill Condon-directed picture with Luke Evans, who’ll play Gaston, and Downton Abbey expat Dan Stevens, who’ll play the Beast to Watson’s Beauty.

It sounds as if the 24-year-old logged serious hours doing research during her youth. Adorably, she continuing, “My six calendar year old personal is on the ceiling-heart bursting. Time to begin some singing lessons. We’ve already seen proof that Watson can sing-she cooed a soft lullaby in her last movie Noah. And we know that she can dance.

“For me personally, to want to join up to a string again, I needed to truly have a certain amount of autonomy and control within that,” Watson explained. “Working with David’s been great. I’d love to direct something one day. I’d like to produce as well, so it’s a significant nice way to start studying that.

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