These Students Were Excited To Participate 1

These Students Were Excited To Participate

Have you ever had that moment when teaching where you just think a lesson didn’t go as great as you had hoped? Think about that moment when you sensed a lesson exceeded your expectations for success. Well, the motive behind this post relates to a recent success which i felt exceeded what I hoped.

On Wednesday, after much prep and debate, Patty Wolfe (@wolfep) and I were ready for our January STOPiTclass. This course is the class we instruct to students who’ve violated AUP or specific mobile device guidelines or policies inside our schools. This month was Personal Image and Identity Our theme.

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We always work to create an participating, collaborative lesson that promotes an optimistic digital existence. Today was no exception. As I welcomed students and briefly offered an overview of the day’s plan, I felt just a little anxious. I wasn’t sure I would have the ability to leave feeling that instant of success today. After a quick “Kahoot” game over interpersonal mass media use, I made a decision to dig right along with this lesson.

Lots of great things were distributed and talked about regarding what to post,what not to post, what others post and exactly how these plain things make you feel and others feel. Patty Wolfe and I arranged. We were able to hit our students directly on their “turf”. We asked other people of our Twitter PLN to take part by adding advice and recommendations when thinking of one’s online image. That’s where the emotions of enthusiasm and success strike me.

These students were thrilled to participate. Not only did their enthusiasm show through the Kahoot challenge, however the Twitter talk was proving its success as well. The connections, conversation and reviews were amazing. When this “short’ hour was over, I knew I needed to call or text Patty. Before I possibly could get the written text sent even, I received a note from her: “Thank you Thank You MANY THANKS! Today My kids enjoyed STOPiT. Your day with a feeling of success There is merely something about closing. Here’s to the rest of the semester.

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