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This plan should be a living document, and as such should be up to date on a regular basis to reflect new stakeholder groups, new information needs, and new communication strategies. It is important that the Business Architecture Program be kept accountable for execution of this plan, and that the Architecture Board regularly reviews progress with the Program Director. Stakeholders are individuals who have key roles in, or concerns about, the system. Different stakeholders with different roles in the machine will have different concerns. Stakeholders can be individuals, teams, or organizations (or classes thereof).

The set of stakeholders can be also based on the existing Business and IT business and structure. It also takes into consideration recommendation from HR department addressing the many ways of interacting to various sets of people. The communication plan should consider all groupings (use guidelines from EA frameworks such as TOGAF), the IT business and the HR recommendations.

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These groups will have to be clearly defined as probably some of the communication tools and techniques should be tailored for every community. The following information must be applied to all or any stakeholders. 2. Understand the worthiness, benefits, and need for Business Architecture to the business. 3. Know how the Architecture Board and Business Architecture Program are contributing to the quest for the business’s business objectives.

To meet these general information needs, the Business Architecture Program should apply the following marketing communications tools. 1. A set of basic information materials describing the range of the Business Architecture. This set of materials will describe the worthiness, benefits, and importance of Enterprise Architecture. The materials will be short and concise, and may consist of: one-page briefing or brochure, key concept map, Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) document, position paper, and a presentation.

2. In every status reporting, Committee and Program accomplishments will be explicitly from the business’s business objectives. 3. The basic Business Architecture scope and value materials, as well as some high-level business-oriented position information, will be available (and prominently shown) on the Business Architecture website. These materials should be suitable for use/delivery by Architecture Board users as well as program staff.

This matrix affiliates the communication tools to the many stakeholders. Each stakeholder, communication tool should then be explained in that document and be related to various steps of the Business Architecture governance. The many views should be defined in annexes also. A Communication planning will have to be defined (see example below).

T: Tell the truth and reveal feelings. 1180. People are worthy of and need plenty of information about whats taking place, why its happening, and what exactly are the next steps– if those next steps are to stop even, take stock, and develop the next plan of attack. And the given information has to be immediate. Waiting while the rumor mill churns out various versions of “the truth” creates anxiety, second-guessing, and sometimes panic. None of the are conducive for productivity or morale. Respond quickly, to every rumor that areas truthfully.

Create a “temperature sheet” (e-mail and hard copy) that can provide as a one-page upgrade on rumors. Notice that the captain admitted that he was “old not strong” also. Consider this the greater truthful equivalent of the oft-mocked phrase “I feel your pain”. The captain didnt like this hair-raising flight any longer than we did—and he acted upon that feeling after trying many steps.

Leaders are not invincible. Employees can identify with this statement and also become reassured that the first choice won’t do anything foolhardy to jeopardize the business and its people. Sure, he knew a true amount of us would “take a hit”, but my meeting was a little sacrifice for the overall welfare of the group.