Who's That Girl? 1

Who’s That Girl?

And so it appears that the 5th week of college is upon me and I find myself thinking where oh where do the past 4 weeks go? Everything is completely swing now and every day a new technique is trained and a fresh product presented. Let me tell you, it was sure a delicacy to put away the grease paints and get out some liquid foundation and mascara to make a little beauty. Now, by no means am I a stranger to the smokey eye.

As a matter of fact, it is one particular looks, like kitty eyes and pin up styles just, that I generally excel at. I love relearning and learning looks. In my makeup past, I’ve always had the opportunity to be creative with what I am doing and have mostly been given an idea that I got to use.

However, in college I am given a specific look to do with specific colours and specific placement, eventually following a short somewhat like what a client might offer me. I really like this as it offers me the opportunity to work towards somebody else’s vision. And my goal in college, makeup and profession is usually to be able to do whatever is asked of me and do it well.

Or, much better than well. Yes, I will settle with perfect. I want to recreate other peoples visions and surpass beyond their anticipations significantly. I wish to realize ideas and construct masterpieces on the skin. And that is why even though I am learning and relearning and practicing things I may never use in my profession, I am delighted to be doing this. Because I really believe one never stops learning and Personally i think that one piece of constructive criticism can change how you take a look at a face. The way I take a look at a face. And if words can enhance my ability, I am all for words. And practice, play, hearing, watching and, eventually, learning.

Finally, when it comes to vitamin C, you’ll desire to be careful when applying that one. Since it’s a pretty strong acid solution, we’ve discovered that it’s far better wait a little bit before applying anything together with it immediately. This real way, you can ensure that your supplement C serum has completely seeped into the skin pores before you cover it with a moisturizer.

2. Lighting is one of the secrets to a perfect face. Search your home to discover the best light available when applying your makeup. Natural daylight is always the best option. If that’s not practical, then after completing your makeup application have a hand-held mirror to the nearest window to check your complexion to make sure there is absolutely no unevenness.

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  • It will not sting, irritate or cause inflammation
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3. Well-shaped brows can start your face, bring out your bone framework, and make yur eyes appear larger than they are. In fact beautifully shaped brows are just like a ‘picture frame’ fro your eye. To fill in and improve lighter brows, use a Sonya Eyeshadow shade that matches your hair colour.

Apply eyeshadow to 1 eyebrow first, and you’ll be amazed at the difference! 4. Do not forget to care for the hands. 5. Practice good posture. Pull back your shoulders, straighten up your back, and hold yur head up high. There is no replacement for good posture, whether you are standing up or sitting down. 6. Get yourself a good night’s sleep.