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Global Directory Of Investment Conferences

The Global Directory of Investment Conferences enables those working within the institutional investment industry to recognize the leading investment events across the world. The investment conferences directory is provided in partnership with Savvy Investor, the world’s leading research hub for institutional investors. To include your event in the 2019 investment conferences database, email and ask us to “feature your conference”. Top meeting organisers currently presented in the Savvy Investor listings include CFA, IQPC, IMN, WBR, Marcus and MergerMarket Evans. To immediately access the full set of the world’s leading institutional investment conferences, click on the orange search icon above, without entering a keyword.

This will take one to our full investment conferences directory, which has options letting you filtering by location, by month, or by subject. The Directory includes an array of investment meetings in 2019, some more technical in nature, and others with an increase of of an emphasis on networking. A lot of the conferences shown seek to catch the attention of a wide variety of individuals types; both buy-side and sell-side professionals.

Many occasions seek to bring together fund managers with their service providers. Others focus on providing the asset owner community, such as pension money, endowments, foundations, charities, SWFs, insurers and others. Although Savvy Investor offers a comprehensive Investment Conference Directory, the website is better known being the world’s leading knowledge network for institutional investors.

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