"Beauty And The Beast" Inspired Bar And Lounge Announced For Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort! 1

“Beauty And The Beast” Inspired Bar And Lounge Announced For Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort!

Earlier this week, we brought you along to see the temporary bar create in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa as Mizner’s Lounge was shut to begin an extended refurbishment. And now, we know what is coming when the area reopens in the fall… because Disney has announced a lounge influenced by “Beauty and the Beast” is coming to the Grand Floridian! The new lounge shall feature four unique areas influenced by the film.

Disney states that the signature bar “will glow from the light of a magnificent platinum chandelier that took its motivation from Belle’s moving ball dress,” that may provide nods to the Enchanted Rose. A previous library will showcase “classical baroque designs and French furniture influenced by Belle, with ideas of the Beast’s friends.” The whimsical garden room will be influenced by the enchanted forest around Beast’s Castle.

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